From the Auburn Citizen Aug 10 1920

Alleged trunk murderer off for South America?

New York, Aug. 10 - A report that Eugene Leroy also known as Fernandez sought by Detroit and New York police in connection with the death of Katherine Lou Jackson, whose mutilated body was found in a trunk last month, has shipped for South America with the crew of the steamer Dryden today started government wireless stations working in an attempt to head off the suspect before he lands in Rio de Janeiro.
Harry Marflett, a former member of Dryden's crew, today identified a photograph of Leroy as that of the man who had taken his place when he transferred to another vessel.

From the New York Times, Aug 11 1920

From the The Evening Missourian, Aug 25 1920


Wanted in Trunk Murder Case

By United Press. RIO DE JANIERO, Aug. 25 - The British steamer Dryden arrived here last night carrying Eugene Leroy who is wanted in New York in connection with the New York-Detroit trunk murder reported some time ago. He was under arrest.

From the New York Times, Aug 26 1920

From the New York Times, Sep 16 1920

From the Canadian Jewish Review, June 2, 1922

Fox - Galinsky

The marriage of Miss Dorothy Galinsky to Mr. Maurice Fox was solemnized at the Berkeley Street Synagog. The bride, who was given away by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Galinsky, wore a white satin gown trimmed with white radium lace. Her veil of fine net was also trimmed with lace, and she wore a beautiful crown of white spangles and orange blossoms. The bridal bouquet was of sweetheart roses and a shower of lilies of the valley. The groom was escorted by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fox, and was attended by his sister, Mrs. Zinniman, of Detroit. Some of the guests present were the young friends of the bride and groom, the bride's brother from New-York, and relatives. After the ceremony, the guests were served with an elaborate supper at the bride's residence, 200 Berkeley Street, which was followed by dancing.
This picture is of the Berkeley Syngogue. Stuart graciously found it for me at

From the Canadian Jewish Review, Dec 12, 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fein, 3132 Dundas Street West, announce the engagement of their only daughter, Louise Bebe, to Murray Cornblum, son of S. R. Cornblum; 684 Bathurst Street, and the late Mrs. Molly Cornblum, the marriage to take place June 27, 1948. Miss Fein is the granddaughter of Mrs. S. Fox, 74 Robert Street; and of Mrs. E. Fein, 3132 Dundas Street West.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, Jan 9, 1948

Mrs. J. Fein, 3132 Dundas Street West, was hostess at a tea at Simpson's Arcadian Court in honour of her daughter, Louise Bebe, whose marriage to Murray Cornblum takes place on June 27. About two hundred guests were received by the hostess, wearing a purple crepe dress, with a corsage of red roses and white baby chrysanthemums. Assisting in receiving were: Mrs. S. R. Cornblum, in brown satin, with corsage of yellow roses; and the bride-elect's grandmothers, Mrs. S. Fox, in brown crepe, trimmed with lame, and a corsage of bronze and yellow chrysanthemums; and Mrs. L. Fein, wearing royal-blue crepe, and a corsage of white and yellow chrysanthemums. The honoree wore a dress of pink crepe and lace, with a corsage of Talisman roses and blue chrysanthemums. The tea assistants were: Mesdames A. Zinamon, J. Sykes, P. Fox, M. Fox, and Jack Fein. Organ music was played during the tea, and the table adornment was composed of yellow chrysanthemums and multi-coloured roses, and white candles in silver holders. Mrs. S. Hoffman and Mrs. J. Sykes. of Hamilton; Mrs. O. Bank, Mrs. M. Reiter, Mrs. A. Zinamon, and Mrs. P. Fox, of Detroit, Mich.; and Miss Norma Blitztein, of Kirkland Lake, were among those present.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, July 30, 1948

Cornblum - Fein

The marriage of Louise Bebe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fein, 3132 Dundas Street West, to Murray Cornblum, son of S. Cornblum and the late Mrs. Molly Cornblum, took place at Ostroveer Synagogue, on June 27, at half-past five o'clock, Rabbi I. Hurwitz officiating, assisted by Rabbi J. Washer and Cantor A. Steinberg. The bride was given in marriage by her father. Her white satin gown, which was embroidered with seed pearl beads, had a high sheer neckline, long sleeves, tapering to the wrists, and tight bodice with the under-skirt pleated and over-skirt draped. Her orange blossom headdress was arranged wfth fl-losion talle and trimmed with a border of Chantallly lace, and she carried a Bible with camillias. Miss Renee Fox, of Detroit, Mich. was maid of honor, gowned in faille taffeta with a full bustle-back, and headdress of multi-coloured flowers, and carried a matching cascade. The bridesmaids were: Misses Natalie Kornbloom and Miriam Halpern, in pink sheer gowns, with matching headdresses, and nosegays; Misses Rae Derrin-field and Marjorie Fox, gowned alike in pale green sheer, with multi-coloured headdresses, and nosegays; and Misses Barbara Fine, of New York, and Hilda Fay Wolman, of Toledo, Ohio, gowned alike in pale green sheer, with multi-coloured headdresses, and matching nosegays. Sharon Lee Fox of Detroit, Mich., was flower girl, dressed in white satin, fashioned similarly to the bride's gown, with a long white veil and headdress of orange blossoms, and a nosegay of pink roses. Harry David Cornblum, brother of the groom, was best man and ushers were: Percy Lyons, Sol. Weingarten, Dr. Ben. Zenner, Milton Mintx, Howard Komblum, William Solomon, Harold Zinamon, of Detroit, Mich; Louis Zinamon, of Kansas City, Kansas’; Sydney Sharpa of Winsor; and Gordon ****  and Fred Fein, brother of the bride, and Lawrence Cohen, were page-boys, all in fall dress. The reception took place at Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue, Mrs. Fein, mother of the bride, wearing a fuchsia-shaded sheer gown, trimmed with silver lace, and a hat of white camellias; Mrs. S. Cornblum, mother of the groom, wearing an aquamarine-blue crepe gown, trimmed with lace. The bride and groom left for a motor trip, touring United States from New York to Los Angeles. The former wore a British-tan three-piece suit, with checked facing, and a matching alligator bag and shoes. The bride and groom will reside at 684 Bathurst Street.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, Nov 28, 1958

Miss Marlene Gang, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Gang, 135 Palm Drive, and the fiancee of Fredrick Fein, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fein, 215 Chaplin Crescent, was the honoured guest at a tea with two hundred and fifty guests present at the home of Mrs. Murray Cornblum, 676 Briar Hill Avenue, sister of the groom-elect. The marriage will take place on June 7, 1959, at Beth Tzedec Synagogue, with Rabbi Stuart Rosenberg officiating. Hostesses were: Mrs. Fein, mother of the groom-elect; and Mrs. Gang, mother of the bride-elect. Assisting were: Misses Pearl Koffman, Rosalind Harris, Arlene Glass, Carol Tanner, Claire Shukyn, Gloria Geller, Marlene Berman, Joanne Elman, and Mrs. Laurie Fein, all of whom had corsages of pink roses. Assistants at the tea table were: Mesdames A. Wolsat, Abe Wolstat, J. Sykes, I. Rebick, S. Sinaberg, R. Gang, J. Wiseman, R. Cohen, S. Kraisman, and Jack Fein. Mrs. Fein, mother of the groom-elect, wore an emerald-green, iridescent silk dress, made with side drapery caught up to a cummerbund sash and fastened by a huge green rose, and silver re-embroidered lace at the neckline. Mrs. Gang, mother of the bride-elect, wore an ivory-shaded, georgette sheath, touched with iridescent sequins. Mrs. Cornbloom, sister of the groom-elect, wore royal-blue, silk taffeta, the neckline edged with blue roses; with a long waistline and bell-shaped skirt. Miss Marlene Gang, the honoured guest, wore an American Beauty peau de soie dress made with a cowl neckline; and full skirt gathered up just below the waist-fine into a cluster of rosebuds. She had a wrist bouquet of two ivory-coloured orchids, shaded in pink. The table was adorned with arrangements of white chrysanthemums, shaded in pink, and pink roses; and white candles standing in clusters of lilies of the valley. Out-of-town guests were: Mrs. L. Sharpe, of Windsor, Ont.; and Mrs. M. Zinamon, of Los Angeles, Cal.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, June 5, 1959

Here for the marriage of Miss Marlene Carol Gang, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Gang, 135 Palm Drive, to Frederick Fein, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fein, 215 Chaplin Crescent, on June 7, at Beth Tzedec Synagogue, will be: Mr. and Mrs. S. Gang, Mr. and Mrs. M. Gang; uncles and aunts of the bride-elect; Mr. and Mrs. H. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. M. Gang, Mr. and Mrs. J. Simkovitz; cousins of the bride-elect, all of Philadelphia, Penn.; Mr. and Mrs. N. Gang, uncle and aunt of'the bride-elect, of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. M. Fox, Mr. and Mrs. P. Fox and children, Marvin and Miss Donna Fox, uncles and aunts of the groom-elect; Mr. and Mrs. M. Lebenbom, cousins of the groom-elect, all of Detroit, Mich.; Louis Zinamon, Mrs. H. Olias and daughters, Miss Elaine Olias and Mrs. A. Segal; all cousins of the groom-elect all of Los Angeles, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. H. Weiss, great-uncle and aunt of the groom-elect, of Denver, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. A. Enushevsky, of Guelph, Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. Y. Hershon, of Ithaca, N.Y. Mr. and Mrs. L. Sharpe, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sharpe, of Windsor, Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. M. Lazarus, of Kingston, Ont; Mr. and Mrs. W. Lee, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sykes, of Hamilton, Ont.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, July 17, 1959

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Frederick Fein. ? Hartham Place, spent their wedding trip in Miami Beach, Florida; Cuba; and Mexico City, Mexico. Mrs. Fein is the former Miss Marlene Carol Gang, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Gang, 185 Palm Drive. Mr. Fein is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fein, 215 Chaplin Crescent.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, May 12, 1961

Mrs. Molly Zinamon, of Los Angeles, Calif., ia spending two months visiting her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fein, 215 Chaplin Crescent; and her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zinamon, 9 Warwick Avenue.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, Sept 8, 1961

Frederic Fein, 2597 Keele Street, Toronto, right, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fein, 215 Chaplin Crescent, graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern History. He was warden of Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity. He is the brother of Mrs. Murray Cornblum (Louise), 676 Briar Hill Road. He plans to attend the Ontario College of Education and then teach.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, March 1, 1963

Mrs. Joseph Fein, 215 Chaplin Crescent, returned from a trip to Miami Beach, Florida; and Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California. In Los Angeles, she visited with her sister, Mrs. M. Zinamon: and in San Francisco, she visited with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fox.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fein, formerly of 2597 Keele Street, have taken up new residence at 81 Shaughnessy Boulevard, Don Valley Village.

From the Canadian Jewish Review, Oct 14, 1966

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fein (nee Marlene Gang), 82 Shaughnessy Boulevard, on September 30. at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, a daughter, Avra Esther; grand-daughter of Mrs. Frances Gang, 134 Palm Drive, and the late Abraham Gang; and of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fein, 215 Chaplin Crescent.

From the Canadian Jewish News, Sept. 27, 1974

Fein, Frederick Malcolm - On-Sept; 14, late of 82 Shaughnessy Blvd.

From the Canadian Jewish News, Aug. 15, 1975


The unveiling of a monument to the beloved memory of the late FRED FEIN will take place on Sunday; August 17th, 10:30 a.m., Mt Sinai Cemetery, Wilson Ave.

From the Canadian Jewish News, May 26, 1978


It has come to our attention that a great number of invitations to our golden wedding celebration on May 28, 1978, have not been delivered due to the present conditions of mail service. We therefore request that those of our friends who have not received an invitation, check with Mrs, Fein at 782-0611 or 445-3317. We should like to point out that, since we hope that all our old friends were included in our list, if you want to come, then you were probably invited.